World Trade is losing its boundaries. Are you?

NAFTA, AUSFTA, EFTA, CAFTA.... Free trade agreements seem to be growing each year and expanding in scope and regions. Electronic commerce is enabling this on a scale not known so far. Protected economies have been unfettered, throwing open markets with billions of people in China and India. The unprecedented impact of vanishing boundaries in global markets with its attendant challenges has just begun to be understood and entered into national strategies.

By 2010, consumer consumption in Asia will be roughly 1.5 times that of US and Canada, 1.5 times that of Europe and Russia, changing the US and Europe centered consumption today.

At the same time, consumers have become demanding, expecting more variety, and a more engaging retail experience, even in online shopping. Spending patterns are changing. For example, one study pointed out that teens were using their pocket money more towards their cell phones (ring tones, messaging etc.) and less towards confectionery. Visa is expecting a significant shift towards cell-phone based purchases.
            Big opportunities are out there.
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