E-Commerce Site Development
Barriers to Effective
E-Business in Developing Countries

The Internet has changed the way many firm do business in the U.S. and throughout the world. Practicing e-business in developing countries is particularly challenging for a number of reasons. In this paper we present a taxonomy of barriers facing e-businesses pursuing markets in developing countries.

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You think your business is small and wondering how to grow your business? With the Internet reaching globally and global Internet users growing in every country and crossing 1B, you should not have to worry. Once you establish a global E-Commerce site you will have sales coming in 24/7, increasingly from cell phone users too. Having a functional, effective, and easily navigable E-Commerce web site with reliable, secure, global payment systems is important.

iBongo has the experience in E-Commerce technologies such as Microsoft .NET, MySQL database, and payment systems. We keep enriching our knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of technology so that you know your business is positioned to stay ahead.

While opportunities have opened up and geographical boundaries torn down, complexities have not; regional preferences remain, language barriers remain, cultural sensitivities remain; expectations for personalization and customization increase each year setting the bar higher and higher. Internet technologies change fast and are complex.

The task of Global E-Commerce may seem daunting. iBongo makes it achievable.

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