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iBongo, Inc Web Design provides custom e-commerce web site design for entrepreneurs and corporations. The following web site designs feature online e-commerce functions, an online account system, and content management systems. For more information.

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eCommerce Designs
Here is just a small selection of some of the ecommerce projects we have created recently.

eCommerce Solution
Information Technology (IT) revolution has been widely touted as having equal if not greater impact on us than the industrial revolution. The application of electronic commerce or e-commerce has led to many changes in the way business is conducted. The understanding of e-commerce solutions, the different options available today, issues regarding web hosting, difficulties in creating a merchant account and the like will be discused in order to make effective business decisions through e-commerce solutions. Please contact for more info.
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www.re.ibongo.com   www.gm.ibongo.com
www.pp.ibongo.com   www.logoandformal.com
Earth lighting   www.ibongo.com/ibrenl
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