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The market leaders that are actually realizing the promise of online selling have all addressed three key challenges that can make or break an e-commerce Web site: availability, scalability, and rapid response. Download this Benchmarking Partners white paper to learn how Akamai's Internet infrastructure and Web management services address these challenges, enabling client companies to focus on meeting their customers' immediate as well as next-generation online needs.

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Order fulfillment was considered the holy grail of B2B and B2C e-commerce. Though this has improved significantly in recent years for big companies, it remains still a big challenge for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and particularly so for international order fulfillment. International fulfillment is such a challenge that many companies do not even attempt it. Delayed, erroneous, or simply failed fulfillment is the main reason for consumer dissatisfaction and consequent lost sales and returns. Unlike 1999 and 2000 when so many companies were failing on this front and customers were tolerating, today it can erode your revenues and profitability very quickly. Order fulfillment in a timely fashion is a critical factor for successful global e-commerce and e-business.

A Cybersource Survey in 2004 found that for big merchants, international orders constituted 10-20% of total orders. That has steadily increased since then. However, the challenges remain -- returns handling, calculating accurate shipping costs, currency fluctuations, language barriers, duty fees that vary from country to country etc. With the myriad challenges, you may need a team dedicated to international orders. However, for SMBs, it has been found that fulfillment outsourcing is the key to getting a share of the international e-commerce and e-business market.

Fulfillment ... that is where you deliver what you promised. iBongo's partner, Vishall BV, can help you keep that promise.
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