Legacy Conversion
The Joy of Legacy Data

Sometimes you are in a position to develop your data schema from scratch when you are developing a new system using object-oriented technologies. If so, consider yourself amongst the lucky few because the vast majority of developers are often forced to tolerate one or more existing legacy data designs.

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In many businesses, probably including yours, legacy computer systems process the majority of sales, customer service, billing, distribution, inventory management, procurement etc. Companies were functioning with island units and lack of cross-flow of information was just fine then. Now, customer expectations are high. They want to know what is the status of their order right at this instant. Your legacy IT architectures are probably now preventing you from exploiting new markets, delivering new products and services, and streamlining your supply/delivery chains. Even ERP systems of the mid-90s cannot support your E-Business operations well. You probably have very little skill left in your business with knowledge of what these systems do. Simply, you are bogged down with legacy systems.

iBongo has the expertise and knowledge to help you with it. Even more, iBongo has a pool of advisors with several years of industrial experience. We can rebuild the knowledge and transition out of these legacy systems smoothly. If necessary, we have easy access to additional human resources and highly specialized knowledge in legacy systems.

Legacy data conversion is a challenge. iBongo can help you meet the challenge.
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