For most of the early part of the millennium, service-oriented architectures were pitched as the next big thing.

Because anyone who has spent any time around the IT industry, particularly in the application develop- ment arena, hears plenty of promises that never materialize, SOA had plenty of skeptics from the start. Entering 2005, it was anyone's guess as to whether SOA would gain widespread adoption.

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E-Commerce Site Development
iBongo has the experience in E-Commerce website building technologies and payment gateway integration systems. We keep enriching our knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of technology so that you know your business is positioned to stay ahead.

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Legacy Conversion
iBongo has the expertise and knowledge to help you with it. Even more, iBongo has a pool of advisors with several years of industrial experience. We can rebuild the knowledge and transition out of these legacy systems smoothly. If necessary, we have easy access to additional human resources and highly specialized knowledge in legacy systems.
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Systems Integration
iBongo believe systems integration is like a symphony orchestra. Every subsystem has to not only work efficiently on its own, but be integrated well with other subsystems. This will enable fast information sharing within various units of your business. Otherwise, what results is confusion, lost productivity, and sales.
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