Systems Integration
Integrations' New Strategy

Old concepts and new technologies have recently converged to generate a new strategy to improve IT responsiveness while reducing integration costs. It’s the integration layer, and it may put an end to all those complaints about IT’s slowness and inflexibility.

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iBongo believe systems integration is like a symphony orchestra. Every subsystem has to not only work efficiently on its own, but be integrated well with other subsystems. This will enable fast information sharing within various units of your business. Otherwise, what results is confusion, lost productivity, and sales.

While system integration is focused on technology components, business integration is a step above, where you get to have real-time access to inventory levels, customer orders, and delivery schedules, irrespective of the underlying technologies. In essence, business integration lets you align applications and processes to maximize business performance and profitability.

To be good at global e-commerce, you need internal systems integration and external as well, with your partners, suppliers, and distributors. Doing so will make you and your partners more nimble and agile, capable of responding to the demands of global e-commerce. A service-oriented-architecture (SOA) will help you achieve this.

iBongo realizes the importance of systems and business integration for your business. We will help you accomplish it.
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