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DSOX2002A Oscilloscope: 70 MHz, 2 Analog Channels

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  • Key Features and Functions
    • Bullet 70 MHz to 200 MHz
    • Bullet See more signal detail with 50,000 wfms/s update rate
    • Bullet View time-correlated digital content with 8 digital channels (MSO)
    • Bullet Modulate signals within the scope with WaveGen, built-in 20 MHz function generator (optional)
    • Bullet Quickly characterize signals with the built-in 3-digit voltmeter and 5-digit counter option
    • Bullet Decode serial busses faster with hardware-based serial analysis options for CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI and RS232/422/485/UART
    • Bullet Protect your investment with full upgradability
  • Description
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